Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Round Two - Me vs Cupcakes - THE RESULTS

Here are the results of my definitely non-scientific test of cupcake liners.  The liners I used were based on what is available at our local grocery.

We went and got 4 packages of cupcake papers. 
  • Betty Crocker liners (White)
  • Reynolds Foil liners (Silver and White)
  • (Pink) Reynolds StayBrite™ Baking Cups
  • (Blue) - Cupcake Creations ™ by Siege™ (Identical, except for color, to the green set that peeled 

I set them up in my 12 cupcake pan and then in all kinds of configurations in my two 6 cupcake pans.

When they came out of the oven, I let them sit about 5 minutes in the pans and then took out two of each kind.  They were still very hot.  I left the rest in the pans to cool enough to not hurt myself to remove them from the pans.

Within 5 minutes out of the pans, the cupcakes that I had removed when they were very hot - the ones in the blue wrappers - had already peeled!  The rest remain fine.

After 3 hours, the same two  that peeled immediately remain the same - no more peeling, no less.

I left them overnight and all blue ones are peeled.  The pink ones had peeled partially.  Here is the full report:

In the pan with the 12 cupcakes --
  • Blue - All 4 papers peeled - both the ones I took out of  the pan right away, and the ones I left
  • Pink - 1 peeled, 2 had partially peeled on one side, and 1 was fine
  • Betty Crocker White - 2 of 2 were perfect
  • Foil with white liner - the white paper part was perfect and the foil had slightly pulled away
  • White liner from the foil (didn't use foil) - pulled in one spot, but overall not bad
  • Foil with no paper liner - perfect

In one of the pans with 6 cupcakes --
  • Foil with white liner - perfect
  • Foil with no paper liner - perfect
  • Pink (2) - one peeled on one side and the other one was good
  • Betty Crocker White (2) - both perfect

In the other pan with 6 cupcakes --  I used the blue papers as the inner paper (liner) inside various other liners
  • Blue  in Pink - peeled
  • Blue in white liner from the foil  liners - peeled
  • Blue in foil liner only - peeled
  • Blue in foil lined with white - peeled
  • Blue in silicone cupcake liners (2) - both peeled

THE WINNER of this "contest" was the Betty Crocker white liners.  I had NO trouble whatsoever with them.

The Reynolds foil in all configurations worked extremely well.  Only one white paper only, pulled away in one spot.
The Pink Reynolds StayBrite™ was not very good.  Only two of six were good.
The Blue Cupcake Creations ™ was a total failure.

Now, in defense of the liners that did not win I wonder how they would do with a regular, plain old out of the box cake mix.  The recipe I used seemed to deflate as they cooled - I imagine this is due to the fluffy egg whites.  This may mean that the test was good only for this particular recipe or similar recipes.   The recipe also used buttermilk.  Some people reported that they had trouble whenever they used buttermilk in the recipe.  Therefore,  more testing is essential with all types of cupcake recipes.  I would like to TRY to use one of each kind of cupcake liner whenever I make cupcakes and keep track of the results.

One last comment about the blue liners - these liners are very nice, heavy weight papers.  The packaging states "Bakery Quality / Easy Peel / No Muffin Pans Needed! / Grease Proof.  They actually seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Unfortunately, for my purposes - the wedding cupcakes - they just don't seem to work.  I think I have no choice but to bake in the Betty Crocker white liners and put the baked cupcakes into the pretty, decorative liners before frosting.

But here's the really good news:  Hubby took the cupcakes to work and said they got seriously rave reviews!  I think we've got a winner!


  1. This is really interesting! Now I'm not sure if this proves my blogpost right or not. I wonder, how did you take them out of the pan? I'm not sure wether I mentioned it in my blogpost, but my findings were if you pull them out with your fingers they will peel faster than when you turn them out (i.e. turn the pan upside down and let them fall on the counter.) In any case, nice experiment you did here :)


  2. Thanks! :)

    I remembered what you had said about turning them out, so tried to do that with all the cupcakes unless they had spilled out of the liner and had a bit stuck to the pan. BUT the act of flipping over the first ones I took out - they were still pretty hot - seemed to cause them to become really misshapen. They were still very soft. My guess is that putting ANY pressure on the hot cupcakes is just asking for trouble.

    1. Hmm, I never had that happen! Really strange, but I guess it could be difference in hotness of oven or something.