Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Blue

I need to catch up here...

Well, THAT was a downer!  I searched the internet and my cupcake books for THE BEST blueberry muffin recipe I could find.  It kind of amazed me that all the recipes were so similar.

Anyway, finally I chose a recipe that had a ton of reviews where everyone and their proverbial brother LOOOVVVED them.  It is from the Taste of Home website and it is the Blueberrry Streusel Muffins

Isn't that a purty blueberry muffin?
Again, my wonderful convection oven proved itself to be simply amazing.  Those muffins were done so perfectly!  Frankly, I don't know why all ovens don't have convection as the standard.    Or maybe my old oven was worse than I realized!

But I'm still disappointed.  I was really looking for  h e a v e n l y  blueberry muffins.   They were very good, no doubt, but still just … meh.

I have some ideas to try the next time … and there WILL be a next time! 

In the meantime,  I'd love to know if anyone would like to share their  
 h e a v e n l y  blueberry muffin recipe!


  1. I still want to try to make those some day! Let me know if you ever find a heavenly recipe, haha.


  2. If I don't find a cupcake recipe this summer, I'm going to try my blueberry bread as cupcakes - I've always thought it was almost more cake-y than bread. :)