Thursday, April 12, 2012

Victim of Cupcakes

Oh lawsy mercy! WHAT has happened to me? I'm addicted to cupcakes! (Making them, thank goodness - but I sure don't mind eating them, either!)
IT'S NOT MY FAULT! My children have done this to me.

You see, it started when my youngest son and his fiancee asked me to make their wedding cake so they could save money on their wedding.

He was 21 at the time and to date, my biggest accomplishment was making a Big Bird birthday cake that was actually recognizable as being Big Bird. I think that even might have been before his time - for his older brother. Maybe not. I don't remember.

There was also the T-Rex cake and then I also made Barney from the T-Rex pan, but other than those, their annual birthday cakes have been either layer cakes or sheet cakes with "Happy #st/rd Birthday, Insert Name" decorated with the theme of their year. Had a lot of hockey, airplane, baseball, and car cakes, and in my opinion, some were barely recognizable!
So I dug out all the cake making supplies I'd accumulated over the years and made some cupcakes for a dinner party we were going to. Surprisingly, they were well received! This was followed by a cupcake decorating class. Now, I was getting cocky. I think I can do this!
Equipped with supplies, enough knowledge to get me in trouble, and very little natural artistic skill I started the adventure.
I’ve started this blog as a place to record what went right and what went wrong, fun new things to try, and even a place to work on my photography skills.

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