Monday, April 23, 2012

Outside the Box

Valentine's day got away from me this year.  A perfectly good cupcake holiday and I never got around to making cupcakes!  Hubby and I celebrated, of course, but not with cupcakes.   Sigh.

I'd been wanting to try some of the great sounding cupcakes I've been seeing in others' blogs and I came across a Butterscotch Cupcake recipe and EVERYONE around here LOVES butterscotch!  Soooo … my first foray outside the box (cake mix, that is).

It took me 4 1/2 hours from start to finish and even then, I only had enough frosting for half of the cupcakes.  Not really sure what I did wrong there.  I happened to have some white buttercream frosting left from another batch and frosted the remaining cupcakes with it.

I was also disappointed with them in that they were dry and a few were a little too brown on the bottom - the papers almost looked like they had started to burn - so they were too dry.  Another thing I didn't like is that the frosting almost had a burnt taste to it - probably the browned butter - but I'm pretty sure that was just my personal taste.  I think "normal" toast tastes burnt.  :P

Butterscotch cupcake with butterscotch frosting
I sent half to work with my sweet hubby, kept a couple for us (I liked the ones with the buttercream well enough), and took some to my oldest son (Gator cake) and his fiancée.  Hubby said everyone at work liked them - said they were very rich.  (LOL Isn't that what people say when they don't like something so that they have an excuse not to eat it all?)  Hubby liked them.  Oldest son and fiancée liked them - his fiancée, really liked the butterscotch frosting.  Sooooo …. I guess I'm the weirdo.

I shall try again.  Later.  :) 

Butterscotch cupcakes with butterscotch frosting & cream cheese frosting and drizzled with butterscotch

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